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Saga Prefecture is located not far from Nagasaki on the island of Kyūshū. The influence of the nearby sea and mountains gives this region a perfect climate for growing the rice that fills this bottle. Saga’s reputation in this regard is well established. The Mitsuyoshi family farm, founded in the Meiji era, has its acres of black soil just a stone’s throw from the Ariake Sea. For some years now, it has been offering its exceptional rice under its own brand name.

Mitsuyoshi’s polished white rice is grown without pesticides. The farmers use rice by-products such as bran, husks and natural products as fertilizers. The Yume Shizuku variety is unique and specific to Saga. It is a cross between Kinu Hikari and Hitomebore rice. The result is a round grain that is both firm and soft, a superior quality grain.

Its recyclable plastic bottle contains 350 grams of rice.

Saga Prefecture is also famous for its sake, so think about this if you don’t have anything to accompany your meal.


Mitsuyoshi’s Yume Shizuku white rice is ideal for sushi, onigiri and maki. Its quality far exceeds that of commercially available Spanish or Italian sushi rice. All the care the Mitsuyoshi family takes in its cultivation can be tasted in its brilliant white grains. It will be a great asset as a base for pokés, chirashis and various donburis. And why not use it for arancini in your own sauce?


The PET plastic bottle (fully recyclable) provides optimal conditions for preserving rice. It also facilitates storage. Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. Do not keep strong smelling detergents near it.

Once opened, place the bottle in the refrigerator crisper.


White rice.

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Once opened.

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